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Our goal is to be proactive in relation to acquiring expertise in new trends & technical advances, and apply this in our developed products.

About Us

JR Design AS that works on web development and web services in Norway. Courage, creativity, quick adaptation, and taking reponsibility are our recipe and more than just our driving force, it is the wat we have chosen to go. We invest heavily in web applications, we can develop programs for different services and needs. our office is in Vigerstad 45 minutes from Stavanger. We are humble and proud and we love what we do. Being able to deliver an end product that we have put a lot of time into as well as making our customers satisfied is our main goal. we have an enormous competenxe and we are proud of that and our cutomers should always know that we 100% deliver good products, cost-effective solutions to small-medium companies in Norway and internationally. We are focused that you as a customer get a more than is expected for the money invested in the product you want.

Jim Ree

Why us!


We build designs that make people stay on the page. Those who visit you spend no more than a small second deciding whether to go out or explore further. When we build design, user experience is something we always focus on. To ensure that the layout is actually as good as expected, we always run user tests to get feedback from users who give us valuable information to adjust to.

Responsive design

Your website is used across multiple platforms. In fact, over 80% of all traffic today is from mobile devices. If we add the recent years' addition of smart TVs, there are extremely many areas your website can potentially be viewed on. Responsive design is therefore not just a choice, it is a requirement.


Before we get started, we build the content strategy for the website so that it is in line with the rest of your branding strategy. If the content is good, it has a greater opportunity to convert visitors into customers. Otherwise, bad content will cost you both customers and money, and therefore such a strategic approach is a key to success. To do this, we analyze the market, and look for strengths and weaknesses of similar companies. Based on this, we set up a plan and design that gives you the dream customer!


Google and those who visit your website do not want to wait for the page to load. Precisely this is one of the biggest priorities we make when we build the design. With a fast page, you will rank better on Google and your ads will also have a better basis for converting at a lower cost than with bad and non-optimized websites.