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JR Design AS are specialists with many years of experience in the development of customized software solutions for customers. We create everything from websites to more advanced technologies like integration between online stores and ERP systems, order processing systems and integration between mobile apps and CMS systems. JR Design AS creates solutions for practically all platforms.

UI/UX Design

Whether you create web or mobile applications, the user experience is intuitive and natural for you to succeed with your product. It is also important that the design is appealing and harmonizes with the service offered and the company's overall brand. We provide UI/UX design for desktop, web and mobile applications.

Mobile development

Need help developing a digital solution? Or do you have a cool idea that you want to see come to life? We are happy to help you with app development. Yes, building applications that make your everyday life (or that of your customers) easier is actually one of the best things we know.

Web Development

Tailor-made websites, web applications and integration. Do you want a page with a good structure, consistent profile and design, and which contains all relevant implementations? Our web developers have extensive experience in both frontend and backend.


A good system lays the foundation for companies to perform everything from production, organization, recruitment, to marketing and sales. system development is thus about the work of creating new information systems that meet a need - either with you or with your customers.


Our Provided

We have put together a great mix of talented and newly trained developers, designers and project managers. Currently we are not one of the largest companies, and we see this as one of our major strengths, as it gives us greater flexibility. With our size, we can have a greater focus per customer more than is possible in large companies.

roadmap to your website

Contact and offers

The first contact usually takes place by email or telephone. You tell us what you want and need, and what you want to achieve with your website. We discuss appropriate solutions, and based on this, you get a price offer.

Strategy and content

When you accept the offer, we ask you to set up an overview of the pages you want and to write text for. You can also bring photos, logos and anything else you want to post. Based on this, we start setting up the structure of the website.

Design and development

We then start designing and developing the website. You get a link so you can always follow and provide feedback on the development. We adapt the design and content until you are satisfied.


When all content and design is in place, We start with the completion of the website. We optimize it for Google and other search engines, as well as social media. Then links to the domain name and publish your project.


Once the website is published, you get access to the administration dashboard of the website. We create a user guide for you, give you the necessary passwords for everything that is integrated on the website, as well as web hosting and domain providers.


If you do not have the time or desire to manage your website, you can enter into a maintenance agreement, so that We take care of it for you. All support is free.

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Sanden Økonomi

Sanden Økonomi AS is a modern accounting office that offers good, digital solutions that give our customers a better everyday life. We offer accounting and consulting tailored to your needs. We take care of the finance function for you so that you can concentrate on your core tasks.


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